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Federal Gemological Laboratory of Canada is a Vancouver-based independent full service diamond certification and appraisal laboratory specializing in providing detailed information. We employ the latest, most advanced gemological equipment and instruments to provide the most accurate information on your Gems and Jewellery.


All certificates and Appraisals are available online. Please contact us if you would like your name and address added.

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We’re located at an iconic Vancouver Block on Granville street.

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Diamond Certification

We provide accurate assessment of Diamond 4Cs colour, clarity, cut grade, weight. 

  • Printed Certificates with detailed information
  • 3 size formats
  • Mobile certificate
  • Watch Appraisals
  • Online report check
  • 24 hours turnaround or while you wait
  • Laser inscription
  • Q3 Investment Diamond Certification 

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Jewellery Appraisal Services

We provide comprehensive and detailed break down of the quality and value of any Jewellery. 

  • Personalized appraisals for the Insurance.
  • 3 size formats
  • Mobile certificate
  • Online report check
  • 24 hours turnaround or while you wait
  • High quality photography

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Visual and spectral analysis of any type of colour stones. Synthetic and Treatment identification.

  • Top grade printed certificate
  • Online report check
  • Jade A, Jade B Polymer Identification
  • Pearls
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Colour Diamonds
  • HTHP Diamond Treatment Identification
  • Synthetics Identification
  • Rough Diamond Sorting
  • Rough Gemstone Sorting
  • Online Certification
  • Photography
  • GIA diamond Report Authentication
  • Help With Purchase of the Diamond Online
  • BLS Laser Inscription

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